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Sam Altman's Congress Reveal: You've Got a Friend in Me!

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It’s Wednesday, May 17, and we have six fascinating topics to cover.

😅 AI Fear & Greed Index

🍿 AI Time Saver - Your family movie recommender

📰 Mr. Altman goes to Washington, DC

👏 AI products that matter

🎨 Can’t believe human + AI co-created this :)

🌶️ Spicy AI tweets

😅 AI Fear & Greed Index around May 17, 2023

Your weekly barometer1 of global sentiment towards AI, capturing our hopes and fears on a scale from 0 (all dread) to 100 (pure gold rush).

🤣 The Funny - Newspaper accidentally ran a fake AI-generated article (Futurism, May 16, 2023)

1 This index is created by analyzing hundreds of content pieces using natural language processing.

⏱️ AI Time Saver - Your family movie night buddy 🍿

Imagine it's Saturday evening 🍷

You're at home, comfortably nestled on the sofa next to your loved one, ready to enjoy a peaceful night in front of the TV.

But, the tranquility is disrupted.

The age-old problem arises: "What do we watch?"

Netflix, with its multi-million dollar recommendation engine, can only suggest options based on a single user's viewing preferences.

Enter ChatGPT.

Unlike Netflix's algorithm, ChatGPT can understand and weave the movie preferences of multiple users, creating far more inclusive recommendations.

Below is the prompt that helps you say goodbye to those pesky debates and hello to a more enjoyable, consensus-based viewing experience.

In the prompt below, please replace the movie list to match your and your loved one’s preferences.

Act as a world-class cinephile. 

I will give you names of a few movies I likes.
I will also give you names of a few movies my wife likes

You will analyze my movie watching preference and you will analyze my wife's movie watching preference.

You will give me 5 movie suggestions to watch that both my wife and I will enjoy together.

For each suggestion you will give me four things. 
1. Movie name
2. 1-Line movie description
3. 1-Line description of why my wife and I will like the movie
4. 1 fun fact about the movie

Here are the movies I like:
1. Top Gun
2. The Dark Knight
3. Margin Call
4. Bourne Identity
5. The Founder

Here are the movies my wife likes:
1. My best friend's wedding
2. Pretty Women
3. The Intern
4. When Harry Met Sally
5. Mollys Game

A few things to note:

  1. Make sure to ask ChatGPT to send back a 1-Line Description of why we both will like the movie. This gives you a sense of why ChatGPT recommended the movie.

  2. Ask for several suggestions. I recommend asking between 5 - 15 suggestions. It gives you and your loved one more options to pick from. In addition, ChatGPT might suggest movies you’ve already watched. With 10+ suggestions, you will likely find a few new movie names.

  3. Ask for one fun fact about the movie. In addition to the one-line movie description, the fun fact is a fun way to pick/shortlist a movie.

Here is the ChatGPT response I received based on the prompt.

- Movie name: Silver Linings Playbook
- 1-Line movie description: A man with bipolar disorder forms an unexpected bond with a young widow while trying to reconcile with his ex-wife.
- 1-Line description of why you both will like the movie: The film's unique blend of drama, romance, and humor will entertain both your preferences.
- 1 fun fact about the movie: Jennifer Lawrence won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in this film, making her the second-youngest winner in that category.

- Movie name: Inception
- 1-Line movie description: A skilled thief who steals information from people's dreams is tasked with implanting an idea into a target's mind.
- 1-Line description of why you both will like the movie: This mind-bending action thriller has an emotional core and a love story that will appeal to both of you.
- 1 fun fact about the movie: Christopher Nolan took more than 10 years to write the screenplay for Inception.

- Movie name: The Big Sick
- 1-Line movie description: A Pakistani-American stand-up comedian and his American girlfriend navigate their cultural differences and a life-threatening illness.
- 1-Line description of why you both will like the movie: The film offers a heartfelt and humorous portrayal of love and relationships that will resonate with both your tastes.
- 1 fun fact about the movie: The film is based on the real-life love story of Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon, who co-wrote the screenplay.


📰 Mr. Altman goes to Washington, DC

I used Midjourney V5 to design the following cartoon caricature of Sam Altman at the Senate Judiciary hearing.


  • Altman shares OpenAI's safety measures, iterative deployment, and respect for privacy.

  • The hearing highlighted that the US government needs to move fast and participate in regulation and policy-making. EU is finalizing the AI Act. China already has regulations in place; it Is releasing more regulations.

  • Altman agrees that Section 230 (Social Media Protection) doesn’t apply to AI models.

  • Altman urged the government to create a regulatory and oversight agency. There should also be an international body similar to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  • AI's potential to inflict significant harm is recognized by Altman, with damage to democratic and societal structures being the most immediate threat. Altman also highlights AI's role in enabling large-scale, highly personalized disinformation campaigns.


  • Altman acknowledges artists' compensation for AI use of their work yet provides no clear plan.

  • Details on ChatGPT's training and use of copyrighted content remain vague.

  • Discussions on AI's economic impacts and cybersecurity could have been more detailed.

  • Concrete steps and plans to work with the Government and international bodies would have helped.

Reading Between the Lines:

  • OpenAI wants to be a team player. Its focus on collaboration and dialogue signals a collective approach to AI's future.

  • Altman's endorsement of AI regulation subtly suggests potential benefits for OpenAI, such as gaining a competitive edge with licensed models.

  • AI as a threat to democracy: Altman subtly acknowledged the grave implications of AI misuse, particularly voter manipulation and disinformation, which he suggested could be addressed through regulation.

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🎨 Human + AI co-created this :)

A human created the prompt. AI did the painting. 🤝

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